"For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God, and the LORD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth." ~ Deuteronomy14:2

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Dialogue with the Devil and some Gospel Graffiti

Visit from a devil by George Konig
With the Bible in hand into bed did I creep To read a few chapters before going to sleep As my eyelids grew heavy I heard a faint sound I held onto the good book and turned around I saw a slight movement come out of the night I jumped with a start and was consumed with fright In my room stood a figure menacing and tall His motion was fluid like a shadow on the wall He stared at me with two piercing eyes and said "Put down the book, stop reading those lies My master has sent me to get rid of this lark I am an agent of Lucifer the prince of the dark "I see you are reading in Genesis and Acts More of God's ramblings, now here are the facts Adam and Eve are a myth, they are God's fairy tale Your ancestors were not human, you once had a tail "Man was not created, it took many eons of time You have really evolved from a minute piece of slime I am known as the destroyer, and Apollyon is my name Listen to my plans of destruction, the reason I came "I will infiltrate your churches, and set up the stage To replace the old time religion with mine the New Age Forget God's Commandments, put your mind at ease You can form your own destiny and do as you please "Why bother with God when you are Number One Your father's not in Heaven, he's in Washington I will replace prayers with psychics and make astrology the craze It will be the same as Babylon back in the good old days "I will fill up the movies with sex, language and gore Until it seems like the norm and the people want more Then I'll bring it all in your homes and put it on TV On daytime and prime time so the children can see "Why believe in marriage and spending life with just one There are many fish in the ocean and swinging is fun Stop being so pious, it's square to be pure Fear not the diseases for which there's no cure "Feel free to party and partake of love's portion And if pregnancy results, there's always abortion It's not really a child, it's only a fetus that's dead Let's kill off the children, and save the whales instead "I took prayers out of the schools and brought condoms in The kids won't know the difference of what's Holy and what's sin I'll keep the prisons overflowing and justice from the courts Your streets will be a war zone, your homes will be forts "Do not believe in the Holy Spirit as the One who is just Instead of looking for angels, try some angel dust I will peddle narcotics in the cities and hills Talking to me is so easy, just pop a few pills "I will print porno of all sorts and send it through the mail The courts will allow it, we'll keep it upscale The commercials and ads will revolve around sex Until infidelity and rape become a reflex "I will set up your lifestyle so both parents must work While in gangs and on the streets their children will lurk Families will break up, the divorce rate will be high I'll make money a problem and all it can buy "You will need alcohol and pills to relieve all your stress Your mind will be a wasteland for my demons to possess I will take away your morals and your work ethics too I will subdue my enemy -- and my enemy is you" When he finished his tirade he kept leering at me I was now full of rage but had to agree The things that he talked about were now taking place His ultimate goal is to destroy the human race I felt a strength come from within, I lost all sense of fear This devil cannot hurt me, the Holy Spirit is here My body is God's Temple, and I will not let it be soiled For greater is He that's in me than he that's of the world Still holding the Bible I opened the good book To Revelation chapter 20, hey devil, take a look An angel is going to bind Satan and throw him in a pit And for one thousand years that's where he'll sit He's then removed from the pit and thrown into a fire-filled pool Where he will burn for eternity to pay for his misrule He will experience the ultimate pain with the rest of his crew When this happens to your boss, where does that leave you? Now what's that you said, the Bible is God's fairy tale? Listen to me now, devil, some facts I will unveil The Bible is the true word of God and I can prove it to you By all His fulfilled prophecies and the existence of the Jew God said many times He would return His people to their land And it's happening right now, don't you understand For twenty long centuries, His people had to roam Now they're coming back to Israel, back to their home Many times has the world tried to kill off the Jew But they have survived their enemies, does that give you a clue? God said "I will make an end of all nations among which I scattered you" Now tell me, devil, what has happened to Persia, Assyria and Babylon too? Where is Edom and Moab and Ammon today? The Philistines have vanished, what more can I say Many countries that suppressed the Jews no longer exist This is a fact that cannot be dismissed But Israel is still here and as strong as before Far outnumbered by their enemies yet they win every war They became a nation again, back in May of '48 God foretold this in Isaiah chapter 66 verse 8 The Lord picked the Jews as His chosen race And after thousands of years they survived by His grace No other country of people have a history that long How can such a tiny nation be so powerfully strong? Many prophecies in the Bible predicted the coming of Christ About His birth and His life and that He'd be sacrificed Over fifty prophecies on Jesus and all of them fulfilled You look a little sick, devil, how come you're not thrilled? Archaeology has proven the Bible with findings of long ago From the city of Babylon to the walls of Jericho The stone of Pontius Pilate and the scrolls of the Dead Sea The letters of Lachish and the obelisk of Shalmaneser III The Cyrus Cylinder and the tombstone of Uzziah The Assyrian king records and the tunnel of Hezekiah Hey what's the matter, devil, now you don't look so tall If all this is not enough, how about the Western Wall? As I continued my rebuttal, I saw the devil start to weaken He had no answers for me, I could see he was beaten I looked him square in the eyes and applied the final thrust I knew the following words would turn him to dust I rebuke you, evil one, be gone from my sight You may be from the darkness but I am a child of the light You think you can enter my home and do anything that pleases Get out of here devil -- in the name of Jesus His cry was a shrill, more like a scream He disappeared from sight, it was all a bad dream I looked out the window and saw the sunlight Good riddance to you, you prince of the night Now I warn all of you, I'm sounding the alarm Do not shake hands with Satan, you will lose your right arm He roams the streets like a lion looking for prey He will be the prince of this world until the Lord's Day But the Lord's Day is at hand and Satan's running out of time He knows when Jesus returns, he'll pay for his crime The final combat is coming and friends I'm not kidding Get on the Lord's side now before the Battle of Armageddon Many prophecies have been fulfilled in the last sixty years That lead to the end times and it certainly appears With the increase in earthquakes, pestilence, famine and war This generation may see Jesus as written in Matthew twenty-four Look around you my friends and see what's going on today Parents ignoring their children and children who disobey The profanity and violence and the moral decay All this belongs to Satan, this is not the Lord's way The day will be a surprise when Jesus returns for His Church Be prepared for that moment, give yourself time for research When the saved leave the earth, there will be no goodbyes Don't be left standing here with tears in your eyes Turn your life over to Jesus, let your flesh be slain To free you from sin, He went through suffering and pain To spend eternity in Heaven should be your full-time quest Remember the years here on earth are only a test Turn your life over to Jesus, I'll say it again I'll shout it over the mountains and through every glen The Lord will be judging all sinners and those who backslide And believe me, my friends, there's no place you can hide Stop and listen, good people, He is calling to you To put off the old and to put on the new To bring Jesus in your life and be freed of Satan's snare Just say the following words from this simple prayer: "Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, come into my heart Wash away my sins, give me a new start You are the Son of the Living God, I give my life to you Fill me with your presence, with a spirit that's new" That's all it takes to bring Jesus in your life To get rid of Satan's yoke and all of the strife If you say this with meaning, then His Presence you'll feel The Holy Spirit will be there, and you'll be under His seal
I Want It All Back
Bridge to Live, Your Moment of Gospel Graffiti

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